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Celina Vixie

Celina is quite the chatterbox, a classy redhead with a wilder side to her. Friendly to most, she just loves making friends and be the center of your attention if you have a chance to speak with her. As she is quite an extrovert, this redhead will charm you in her company, if you let her sweep you up with her nerdy and cute attitude. As a model, and escort in 3DX, she puts quite a high care in her lewd work. Pleasing others and making memories with everyone she meets with.

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2024-03-27 18-13-43_790178
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2024-03-18 17-37-31_162576
2024-03-18 17-21-00_64107
2024-03-18 18-35-58_511045

2024. April  with Celina Vixie


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BDSM Room Play
Fuckroom fun
Beach fun
Orgy Time
DP Time
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