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Kristi Corbo

Kristi is an intellectual, yet kinky nymph from the US; she is of direct Norwegian and Navajo descent. She is the type who can carry a long conversation as well as a long, sensual, nasty sex session. Not shy, she is all for forays into public and group sex. With 36D breasts, wide hips, a slim waist, and some thicc ass and thighs she is a warm and playful wildcat who loves getting into naughty situations on 3DXchat, and is looking to expand her repertoire as a 3DX model.

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2021-05-05 01-31-58_744018
2021-05-05 01-40-36_777586
2021-05-05 02-12-13_898017
2021-05-05 00-19-09_459286.png
2021-05-04 23-32-40_264961.png
2021-05-05 00-07-24_411872.png
2021-05-05 00-00-17_383397.png
2021-05-04 23-45-27_319016.png
2021-05-04 23-20-07_212116-pshop
2021-05-04 23-14-24_187288-pshop
2021-05-04 23-22-56_223787-pshop
2021-05-04 23-11-52_176898-pshop


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